Our Services

Our Services

Providing Knowledge

Knowledge is a cornerstone of diabetes self-care. Diabetes Toolkit provides educational resources directly to people with diabetes, and serves as a repository for primary care clinics.

We provide diabetes knowledge at no cost to people with diabetes online at T1D Toolkit, as well as via webinar, and in print. Member clinics can utilize Diabetes Toolkit resources for patient education, reducing the need to create them in-house or rely on materials produced by pharmaceutical companies.

Creating COnnections

People with diabetes spend 300 minutes each year with the diabetes care team, but 525,600 minutes living with diabetes. Peer support from others with diabetes can reduce burden and improve quality of life.

Diabetes Toolkit brings people with diabetes together to create connections. We leverage partnerships with diabetes clinics and collaborate with other diabetes-related non-profits to create opportunities to build community.

Advocating for Change

This pillar of Diabetes Toolkit’s mission is realized through collaboration with other diabetes organizations on key issues affecting the diabetes community including insulin affordability, access to care, and discrimination.