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Live Webinars

Quarterly Live Webinars

Research shows that diabetes technology can improve quality of life for people with diabetes. However, it is also rapidly changing.

Diabetes Toolkit hosts quarterly live webinars on four key topics: technology decision support, troubleshooting technology, data sharing, and technology life hacks.

Learn how to make the most of your diabetes tech!

Technology Decision SUpport

This webinar provides an overview of diabetes technologies, including continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, automated insulin delivery systems, and connected insulin pens. After this webinar, people should be equipped to have an informed conversation with their diabetes care team and select an appropriate technology based on their individual needs.

Data Sharing

This webinar will discuss which data sharing platforms are compatible with diabetes technology devices, computers, phones, tablets, and clinical care teams. We will also talk about what apps are free to utilize to share data with clinics. Additionally, we will discuss basic tips on how to install and use these apps. After this webinar, people will have the tools to make the data sharing process seamless.

Troubleshooting Technology

This webinar is designed for people with diabetes already utilizing technology, but who need help troubleshooting common challenges. This may include adjusting pump settings, managing alerts (out of range, etc.), reconnecting devices following a dead battery, disconnecting (and reconnecting), and much more. Knowing how to respond when things go wrong with diabetes technology is essential. Our aim with this webinar is to provide people with diabetes with the knowledge to handle these situations with confidence.

Technology Life Hacks

In our Technology Life Hacks webinar, our goal is to provide people with diabetes tips and tricks to make their tech work best for them. During this session, we will discuss technology and exercise, keeping your tech on your body in the heat, advanced features (like exercise mode and sleep mode), tape tips, skin allergies, sex and technology, sick days with diabetes tech, and more! This installment in our quarterly webinar series will give people with diabetes the tools to use their technology with confidence.