Become a Partner Clinic

We work with our partner clinics to provide educational materials specific to your clinic’s needs. We will also plan local events to help you build community.

To become a partner clinic, email us at:

For print materials, email us at:


We believe that having diabetes education resources available in multiple formats is essential. It is useful for people with diabetes and members of their care team to walk away from a clinic visit with something physically tangible that they can utilize outside of the doctor’s office. Our team understands that clinics don’t always have time to make these materials and keep them updated. We will do it for you!

Print Materials

As a member clinic, Diabetes Toolkit will provide you with in-print diabetes education materials to support on-site diabetes education. As a member clinic, these materials can be co-branded and customized to fit your clinic’s needs. Our content has been thoughtfully designed, and is frequently reviewed by a team of diabetes care and education specialists, endocrinologists, psychologists, and other experts in the field.